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Empower Your True Potential

Like you, at ESCAPLORE, we are passionate about traveling and experiencing the world. After years of adventures, we find a meaningful trip is no longer just a visit, a taste, or a tour. We are eager to learn more from this diverse world. That’s how ESCAPLORE was founded. We are inspired to explore the world by learning how to do things, how to improve ourselves, and how to craft our world to be a better place to live. Over time we have teamed up with experts from different interests and curated an ultimate list of workshops and programs for our travelers. We hope you will find something you are interested in pursuing as a beginner or a pro (if not, please do let us know).

Life is full of adventures (yes everyone’s busy). Many of us dream, few execute. We highly encourage everyone to empower their craftsmanship spirits, and to pursue their dream at least once, then twice, and more. Travel for passions. Take every chance in life. Explore new ideas, learn new skills, and be a doer. Let’s break down walls and embrace worldwide learning experiences. There shouldn’t be a foreign land to a traveler with dreams.

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S T A Y I N S P I R E D !

Your Market For Global Learning Experiences


ESCAPLORE is a marketplace for everyone to find the best learning experience for their journey. From beginners to masters. No matter where you are from, or who you are.


Partnering with experts and masters in each field, ESCAPLORE presents the best workshops and programs at all levels around the world. We hope everyone can be excited about their new discovery from ESCAPLORE the “international school”.


Explore. Learn. Create.


Fun. Committed. Open-minded. Escape from daily life and become a world citizen. We are makers. We dream and do it.

Local Experiences

Most of our partners are locally-owned business. Experience in the way of locals do, learn and travel deeper.

Expert Curated

We trust industry expert’s choices. Only the most outstanding programs get to be listed on our marketplace.

Global Community

Find your group and learn together. Share experiences, learning paths and tips internationally.

Feel Good, Do Good

Travel and empower yourself to manifest your true potential. Feel good about your personal and professional growth and make a positive impact

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