With 2021 just started, many people are already thinking about, and probably penning down their new year’s resolutions. If you are a regular or just an aspiring traveler who is considering making a trip to study or learn new skills abroad a top priority in the new year, we will recommend some helpful tips and resolutions in this post to guide you so you can make the most of 2021. Rest assured, these resolutions are not only achievable alone, they will also help you enjoy your trips to study, learn new skills, or get trained abroad. So, dear travelers, take your time to read this post and see how you can make 2021 your best year of traveling the world to study and learn new skills yet.


Look Out For Study Abroad Opportunities

It’s totally useless to set out for a journey without a particular destination in mind. So, if you want to make the best decisions for learning a new skill or studying abroad in 2021, it is best to first painstakingly take time to research the most suitable place for your educational travel. Dedicate a great portion of your day to searching about the opportunities for educational travelers and make sure to ask important questions such as: how convenient is it for first-time travelers to visit for educational purposes? How habitable is it for first-timers? What special opportunities are available for learning new skills? These and other questions are necessary for you to ask yourself as you make research for your next educational travel destination in the next year.


Save Up

To be frank, embarking on a travel to study abroad doesn’t always come cheap, so it becomes necessary to save up some money to finance your travel plans. Some recommendations for saving up enough money for intending travelers are to cut down on your expenses, such as subscriptions to cable television, streaming services or music apps. Even though it might look a bit old school, but you may use a piggy bank so that any loose change you have goes straight in there. With discipline and commitment on your part, you might be surprised how much you’ll save in the end.


Quit Procrastinating

There are quite a number of factors that may prevent people from going on traveling to study abroad or learn new skills – family, finances, career, and even fear – but really, these shouldn’t deter you if you have that traveler mindset! Don’t forget that you only have one life on this planet. So, stop making excuses and just start making plans for your next educational travel.


Pack Lighter

If you have been a heavy packer as a traveler, make 2021 the year that you decide to start packing and moving lighter. Try as much as possible to shed the excess weight of oversized luggage and multiple bags, so you can make your next travel to study or learn new skills abroad easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Usually, one of the most popular pieces of advice regular travelers will give is that you really don’t need much baggage to create a memorable travel experience.


Look For Cheaper Alternatives

If you already have a destination picked out, try seeking out expert opinions, recommendations and advice that may guide you to save money as you embark on your trip. Read blog articles, consult travel guides and ask consultants who may give tips on how travelers can enjoy their journey while not breaking the bank. Ask about alternative routes, free Internet access points, cheaper restaurants, hotels, accommodation, and every other useful recommendation that may help you enjoy your trip for less pay.


Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Aspiring travelers need to know that traveling, whether for educational training or tourism purposes, can be quite uncomfortable no matter the destination you choose. However, taking a leap into the unknown and stepping out of your comfort zone is the most life-changing and inspiring travel choice you can ever make in life.


Explore Your Own Country

Lastly, don’t just search for travel opportunities outside your country alone. Sometimes, you’re sitting right behind the treasure you’ve been looking everywhere else for. Spend reasonable time exploring your country of residence for volunteering opportunities, learning new skills and other educational activities that suit your needs and satisfy your goals. The truth is that you’ll never know the opportunities lying around you if you don’t try to search them out!

What’s Next?

At ESCAPLORE, we love the adventure and the immense opportunity to learn that comes with traveling and experiencing the world. We always encourage everyone to pursue their dreams, travel and explore the world to learn new skills, break barriers and take all learning opportunities that abound in the world. In 2021, we encourage everyone to make it a resolution to see the world and grab every opportunity! ​