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Has Coronavirus Changed Travel Forever? 5 Trends and Opportunities We’ll See

The global outbreak of Coronavirus has already changed so many elements of our lives in a matter of months; thousands of people have lost their jobs, and those lucky enough to keep their jobs have had to adjust the way they work, and all children have had to be homeschooled.

Of course, one of the industries that has been hit hardest at this time is the travel industry. All travel has ground to a halt, and it will still be months until we see the return of travel for pleasure. While this has been a bleak time for many, it’s not all bad. If we can see past all the dark clouds, we can see the trends and opportunities that are likely to arise due to our current circumstances.

So, what are these trends and opportunities? Let’s take a closer look at 5 you can expect to see in the coming months and years as the world returns to normal.

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